Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thinking Of You Cards

I'm working on the 2nd Million card Challenge for Operation Write Home,

So here are some Thinking Of You cards for the Challenge

Card One

This may be the simplest card ever!

To Make this card:
You Will Need
  • Black Card stock
  • 4 brightly colored scraps
  • White A2 Card
  • Thinking of You Stamp (or Other Sentiment)
  • White Studio g ink
  • Black Card stock to A2 size (4.25in x 5.5in)
  • Using a CM Rotary cutter with a straight blade, cut inside the A2 rectangle 1/4in on 4 sides creating an inside rectangle
  • Trim the smaller rectangle 1/2in vertically and horizontally so that it is 3.75in x 5in
  • Using the Creative Memories Pocket Butterfly Punch, cut one Butterfly from each color of scrap paper

Adhere & Stamp
  • Adhere the black "frame" to the edges of the A2 Card
  • Using White Studio g Ink, stamp you sentiment in the lower right corner of the black rectangle
  • Adhere the black rectangle in the center of the "frame" so that there is a small white strip showing between the rectangle and the frame
  • Adhere the 4 Butterflies to the center of the black rectangle in a straight line - equally spaced

Done :)

Card 2

To Make This Card

You Will Need
  • Lime Green A2 Card + scrap
  • black scrap 
  • Creative Memories Black & White Storybox (burst design)
  • Thinking of you Stamp ( or other 1/4in lettering sentiment)
  • White Studio g ink
  • Lime Green 5.5in x 1in
  • Black 5.5in x 0.5in
  • Storybox 5.25in x 4in

Adhere & Stamp

  • Adhere Storybox to Lime Green Card
  • Stamp sentiment onto right side of black strip
  • Adhere black strip to lime green strip
  • Adhere black and green stack to lower section of card, leaving about 3/4in  space below
Bonus Card

To participate in this challenge and have a chance to win some really cool Blog Candy visit the Operation Write Home challenge page. The Deadline is June 30!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back in Business!

Now that I've graduated from LR, I have time for Cards again! :)

Here is my first dive back in.

This is also my first stamp-coloring adventure! 

To make this Card

You will need:

  • Make A Wish - House Mouse Stamp
  • Grey Ink - I prefer Studio g ink
  • Anna Griffin Designer Mat Sheets
    • Hot pink Swirl Paper, Hot Pink Tye Dye Paper and Black Snake Skin Paper
  • White Cardstock

  • Cut Designer Swirl Paper : (2) 3.75in x 2.5in pieces
  • Cut Hot Pink Tye Dye paper : (2) 4in x 2.75in pieces & (1) 2.5in x 3.25in piece & (1) 1in x 1.5in piece
  • Cut White Paper: (1) 3in x 2.25in piece
  • Cut Black Snake Skin Paper: (1) 4.25in x 3in piece

1) Adhere the 3.75in x 2.5in swirl pieces to the 4in x 2.75in hot pink pieces 
2) Adhere the 2.5in x 3.25in hot pink piece to the 4.25in x 3in black snake skin paper
3) Stamp the Make A Wish House Mouse onto the white 3in x 2.25in piece and color as desired
4) Adhere the White stamped paper to the pink and black stack from step 2
5) Stamp Happy Birthday (or other Birthday sentiment) onto the 1in x 1.5in Hot Pink piece
6) on an A2 Card Horizonatallly - adhere the 2 Swirl design and Hot pink stacks side by side, leaving about 1/4in white in the middle
7) Adhere the stamped black, hot pink & White Stack in the upper Left side - leaving enough room for the Sentiment piece
8) Adhere your Hot Pink Sentiment Piece

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